Who is Eva Zu Beck? Biography, Wiki, BF, Net Worth (2022)

Who is Eva Zu Beck? Biography, Wiki, BF, Net Worth (2022) EVA ZU BECK BIOGRAPHY
Real Name Eva Zu Beck
Profession YouTuber
Age 31 Years
D.O.B 26/04/1991
Nationality Polish
Height 5.6 Inches
Weight 56 Kg
Hair Colour Brown
Eye Colour Brown
Father John Hendry Beck
Mother Kali Zu
Siblings N/A
Education Master in Italian, German and French
Net Worth $8 million


A 30 years old Youtuber from Poland was known for her extraordinary videos on YouTube. Eva Zu Beck was an independent girl who living in her dreams. She was becoming so popular after her videos where she travels to the most remote countries like Iraq, Iran, Yemen and some African countries as well. In 2020, when pandemic was happened, Eva was stocked in Yemen. She lives 4 months on a island in Yemen. This is the time when she growth rapidly. Now she has more than 1.6 million+ subscribers on YouTube. Let’s know Who is Eva Zu Beck? Biography, Wiki, BF, Net Worth (2022) and many more about her…

When Eva was complete 1 million subscribers on YouTube, she made a decision to buy a truck which she uses for camping and did some off-roading adventures. Finally, she bought herself a land rover defender. Now she was converting this truck to a mini camper which is used for camping in wild and remote areas. She documents all the process of it also.

Early Life and Family

Eva Zu Beck was born on 26th of April in the year 1991 in a small village in Poland. Her father was a farmer and her mother was a housewife. Eva was complete her early education in Poland and after that, she moved to England for her higher studies where she also learn English. Eva Zu Beck was a Polish by her citizen and live in Poland.

Eva Zu Beck’s father’s name was John Hendry Beck and he was a farmer in Poland. He also doing a side business of lamb meat and beef. Eva’s mother’s name was Kali Zu and she was a housewife. Besides this, Eva Zu Beck doesn’t have any siblings (No brothers and sisters). Eva was the only child of her parents.

Education & Jobs

Eva Zu Beck was complete her early education in Poland and after completing that, she moved to England where she got admission in Oxford University. She learns French and German in Oxford University. After completing her higher education, she got her first job in a startup base company. This is a travel company.

Job: Eva gets her first job in Brussels where she worked in European parliament as a translator. She this job for 1 years and left that job. In 1 year, she will be able to travel a lot of countries. Then she joined a travel-based company. It is a startup company where only four members are working. Eva joined that company and she did many works for the company. She grew company 0 to 10 million monthly visitors on companies’ website and 0 to 5 million+ followers on their social media accounts. She also achieved 1 billion video views in 1 year. After doing that job for 4 years, she left that job and thinking about travelling around the world.

Travelling Story

Eva Zu beck had a well-paying job in London and now, she was married. She marries to a British person in London. She was not happy in her life and in office (with her job). She was making plan of travelling the world. Then she started making savings for one n half years to full fill her dreams once a time. She also thinking that, if she can’t success on YouTube, then she returns to London and start a new job there.

Finally, she left that and end her relationship from her husband and start travelling. She bought a second-hand camera and a lens for making videos. But she doesn’t know about film making at that time. She booked a one-way ticket to Nepal and started her journey. In 2017, she also makes a YouTube channel where she wanted to upload some documentaries which she records from different countries and different culture. Her main goal is to meet new peoples and feel their culture and document all that she feels about them.

She started learning video making and editing from YouTube tutorials. As starting days, she uploads only photos on her Instagram, then she started making videos and documentaries of the peoples. She edits the videos and upload on her channel regularly. Then she will be able to gain her YouTube subscribers and also, she was making money from it. Currently, she has more than 1.6 million+ subscribers on her channel and has more than 800k+ followers from all around the world.

Solo Travelling

Eva Zu Beck was first lady who travel the world solo. But it very dangerous for her. Because she never travels solo and these time, she wanted to do it solo. As starting days, it was very furious but later she was realized that, she can do it.

Who is Eva Zu Beck? Biography, Wiki, BF, Net Worth (2022)

Eva Zu Beck was started travelling to most remote & unsafe countries (than Europe) like China, India, Nepal and some African countries. She was also doing her first solo train journey in the hottest areas in Africa. She did a train travelling in western Sahara (Trans-Siberian Express) and after that, she felt confidence and later, she travelled to most dangerous laces like Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq etc. Also, check about Itchy Boots Wiki.

Eva Zu Beck’s Covid-19

Corona virus was start spreading the world after March 2020. At this time, Eva was going to Yemen for her marathon running. After completing her running, she and her fellow runners, got message from Polish government to return immediately. Because at that time, every country was closed their borders. Eva Zu Beck was decided to stay there.

Eva Zu Beck fishing in Yemen

Eva and her fellow runners are decided to stay there. They stay in Socotra Island of Yemen for 1.5 month. They spend their times watching sun rise and sun set. They fishing for their foods and stay in camps. After some time, Eva was moved with a family who living in the island. She stays 6 weeks with that family and stay on her tent at night.








Who is Eva Zu Beck? Biography, Wiki, BF, Net Worth (2022)

After then, she said that she manages and make plan to leave Socotra Island on cargo ship. She stayed 3 months in Socotra Island. Finally, on 30th of May she left Socotra Island on a cargo ship. She goes United Arab Emirate which take 8 days in Cargo Ship. Eva was documented all the details on her YouTube channel. Then she finally reached UAE and got quarantine before take a flight to her home Poland.

Eva Zu Beck’s Popularity

When Eva Zu Beck was travelling in Pakistan, she got an offer from an airline company to do Kiki challenge. Eva was doing this Kiki challenge in mock grounded plane. This video was viral in Pakistan. With the help of this video, she got a chance to be appear on Pakistan’s news channels. At this time, Eva was having 100k subscribers on her YouTube channel. Now she was appearing on many news channels in Pakistan and Poland also. This is the time when Eva gains her YouTube channel so rapidly. She got many subscribers from Pakistan and India.

After this, Eva leaves Pakistan and started her travelling again. She travelled Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, North Macedonia, Saudi, Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan also. At this time, Eva was continuously travelling and documents many stories on her camera. She uploads it on YouTube and her subscribers was gained so fast. This is the best time of Eva Zu Beck’s career and she became very popular on Internet.

Now, Eva Zu Beck has more than 1.62 million+ subscribers with more than 100 million+ views on her YouTube channel. Besides this, she also has 80k+ followers on her Instagram from all over the world. She was also having a Facebook page where she has more than 1 million+ followers.

Living Different

Eva Zu Beck was a very brave lady and she always wanted to do something crazy. So, she bought a land rover defender 4*4 and convert this to a mini camper. Now she was decided to live in this tiny camper and travel some remote areas and jungles to find peace in her life.

Eva Zu Beck Living in her Truck

Eva was always wanted to travel solo and she doesn’t have any camera man. So, she did all the things that she has to do. She makes videos with the help of her camera, tripod, Drone etc. But Eva had a small team which help her from their locations. They do many works for Eva like Script writing and ideas, Video editing, subtitle writing, thumbnail making and many more.

Boyfriend / Husband

Eva Zu Beck was married before her YouTube journey. When she working in a startup base company in London, she falls in love with a British guy and married to him. But she was not happy with her husband and with her job. So, she left that job and end that relationship to start a new and fresh life.

Currently, Eva Zu Beck was single and she was not dating to anyone. She was very focused on her career in travelling and video making for her YouTube channel. Now she was very happy with her life and live a simple life in her tiny Land Rover Defender 4*4.

Income & Net Worth

Eva Zu Beck was now a well-known influencer and content creator. She has a very large followers on her social media accounts. She has more than 1.62 million+ subscribers on her YouTube channel and has more than 800k+ followers on her Instagram. Besides this, she also has 1 million+ followers on her Facebook page.

Eva Zu Beck’s main source of income was generated from her works online. She makes $2000 – $8000 from YouTube advertisements and she was also making money on her Instagram by doing affiliate marketing and paid sponsors. She will be able to make $10,000 – $25,000 every month from her works on social media.

Besides this, Eva was also joined and star a startup company name Free to Run & Go. The main goal of this startup is to encourage women from the remote areas to live their life with their dreams. Eva was also get funded by the fans who love her content and works. This startup was doing very good In past 2 years after the covid-19 pandemic.


Eva Zu Beck is now a single girl who live in her dreams. She belonged to Poland and holds Polish Nationality. Her father was a farmer and meat business man. Eva’s mother was a housewife. Eva was the only child of her parents. Eva Zu Beck holds a bachelor degree from Oxford University, London in French, German and Italian language.

Eva Zu Beck’s age was 31 years as in 2022. Her hair color was brown and her eye color was also brown like most of the Polish peoples. Her height is about 5 feet 6 inches and her weight is about 56 Kg. Eva’s body measurements are 34-28-36. Eva Zu Beck bra size was 34B and her waist size was 28 inches and her hips size was 36. Eva maintains her diet very well and she always wanted to be fit in her life. So, she run regularly as a passion.