Sam Eckholm Biography, Wiki, Age, GF, Income & More

Sam Eckholm Bio, Wiki, Age, GF, Income

Sam Eckholm is an Youtuber from America with has more than 150k+ subscribers from all around the world. He makes air force and aviation related content on his YouTube channel. Let’s know more about this young YouTuber…

Early Life

Sam Eckholm was born 3rd of December in the year 1996 in a USA. He belongs to a middle-class family. His father was a farmer and his mother was a housewife. Sam Eckholm has one younger brother and one elder sister. Sam Eckholm was complete his early education from a government school in USA. After completing his schooling, he moved to California for his higher studies. He got admission in University of California where he studies his bachelor in Aviation engineering.


Sam Eckholm holds a bachelor degree in aviation engineering from University of California. He got his first job when he was in his last year of his higher studies in the University. He got a job in a private jet company where he they build planes for the US Air force. He did that aviation job for 3 years and got a very deep interest in air force. Finally, he was decided to join US air force and he did that too.

After doing this job, he also started making videos for his YouTube channel. He has more than 150k+ subscribers on his YouTube channel. Now Sam Eckholm was doing his job and YouTube at a same time. Making videos was his passion and air force was his profession. You may also like Taylor Raine Wiki.


Sam Eckholm was now married and he married to a girl after dating her for 4 years. He got his first love when he was in the University. Sam Eckholm was belonged to a middle-class family. His father’s name was John Eckholm and he was a farmer. Sam Eckholm’s mother’s name was Alie Eckholm and she was a housewife. Sam Eckholm has one younger brother and one elder sister and they are now doing their studies now.

Sam Eckholm has a very nice shape body. His body measurements are 34-32-36. His chest size was 34 inches wide and his waist size was 36 inches. Sam Eckholm has 14 inches of biceps which looks very nice in his body. Sam Eckholm’s hair colour was brown and his eye colour was also brown like most of the American peoples.

Social Media

Sam Eckholm was known for his social media activities. He was found easily on social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube and Twitter. He has more than 150k+ subscribers on his YouTube channel and has more than 30k+ followers on his Instagram account from all around the world. Make sure you follow Sam Eckholm on his social media accounts for more updates.


Sam Eckholm main source of earning was generated from his jon in US air force. His salary was $4000 – $6000 every single month. Besides this, he was also making money from his Youtube channel where he has more than 150k+ subscribers. He was also make money from affiliate marketing by posting paid post and videos on his Instagram account.