Kimi Werner Biography, Wiki, Age, BF, Net Worth & More

Kimi Werner Biography, Wiki, Age, BF, Net Worth & More

Kimi Werner is a professional spear fishing women and an award-winning environmentalist woman all the way from United States. She was recently got mom and now she was living in Hawaii. Kimi Werner was known for her fishing and extraordinary videos on YouTube where she has more than 100k+ subscribers. Let’s know more about Kimi Werner Biography, Wiki, Age, BF, Net Worth & More.


Real Name Kimi Werner
Age 25 Years
D.O.B 22/01/1997
Nationality American
Live in Hawaii

Early Life

Kimi Werner was a independent girl from America. She was born on 22nd of January in the year 1997 in United States of America. She belonged to a rich family. Her father was a business man and her mother was the CEO of their company where ships are made in USA. Kimi was complete her early education from St. Marine Public school, California. After completing her schooling, she joined California University where she studies about environment.

Kimi Werner has two younger sisters and they are now doing their studies in California. Kimi lives most of her childhood in her grand mother’s house in California. When she was complete her schooling, then she moved back to her parents’ house. Now, Kimi was married and live in Hawaii with her daughter and husband. Check Nikhil Pawar wiki.


Kimi Werner was now very popular internet celebrity. She holds a bachelor degree in Environment specialist from University of California. Kimi was complete her schooling from St. marine Public School in California. After completing her early education, she joined University of California where she studies her bachelors.

When she was in her 3rd year of her bachelor studies, she started a part time job in a NGO where she was doing the research with the team. She works there for 6 months and after that, she left that job. After completing her bachelor studies, she got a job in a private company of France where she works as a assistant manager in that company. There she fell in love and got marriage. Then she came to us and settled in Hawaii.

Kimi Werner was married now and she had a child and live in Hawaii with her husband and baby. When she was planning to move to the Hawaii, she was thinking that she should start a YouTube channel. Because she was doing fishing, spear fishing, living off-grid and doing many more things. So, she was finally creating a YouTube channel and started posting videos on her YouTube channel. Currently she has more than 100k+ subscribers on her YouTube channel from all around the world.


Kimi Werner was now married and she had a baby. Kimi was born 22nd of January in the year 1997 in United States of America. Her age is about 25 years old as in 2022. Her father’s name was John Werner and he was a business man. Kimi’s mother’s name was Elina Werner and she was the CEO of her father’s company. Besides this, Kimi has two younger sisters Nasty and Julia and they are now in their college studies. Also, check Vanessa Lau wiki.

Kimi Werner married to her boyfriend after dating him for 4 years. Now she had a baby and living in Hawaii. Kimi has a very nice shape of body. Her body measurements are 36-30-38. Her breast size was 36 inches and her waist size was 30 inches. Kimi Werner’s Bra size was 36B and her hips size was 38 inches. Her hair color was brown and her eye color was blue. Her shoe size was 6 US.


Kimi Werner was found easily on social media and she was very active on her social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and many more. She has more than 100k+ subscribers on her YouTube channel and has more than 350k+ followers on her Instagram where she regularly updates through videos and photos. Follow her on Instagram for more updates.

Net Worth

Kimi Werner was now married and she don’t need work. But she was a hard work woman who wanted to live independent. She was now earning a very amount of money. Her main source of income was generated from her Spear fishing training in Hawaii. She associates with a institute where she work as a spear fishing coach. Besides this, she was also making money from her YouTube channel and Instagram account. Her monthly income was $3k – $20k. Kimi Werner Net Worth is between $12 million to $15 million.