Annu Sia Biography, Wiki, Age, BF, Net Worth & More

Annu Sia is a Bhutanese YouTuber with many followers from all around the world. She travels many countries with the most popular YouTubers of India Nomadic Indian and Shubham. Annu was visit almost half of the world and her experience was amazing about traveling. Being a girl, traveling solo was very hard. But Annu Sia became the first lady traveler of Asia who make it possible. Let’s know Annu Sia Biography, Wiki, Age, BF, Net Worth & More.

Real Name Annu Sia
Age 28 Years (as in 2022)
D.O.B 03/11/1994
Profession YouTuber & Traveler
Nationality Bhutanese

Early Life & Education

Annu Sia was born on 3rd of November in the year 1994 in a small village (name Kencho) in Bhutan. Her father was a farmer and her mother was a housewife. Annu has two younger brother and they are now doing their schooling in their village. Annu Sia was starting her early education in her village from a private school. After completing her early education, she moved to Thimphu for her higher studies. She got admission in Thimphu University where she studies Mechanism and Travel.

Annu sia was the only girl who started travelling solo in central Asia and some European countries also. She was a brave girl and became very popular because of the two Indian YouTubers Nomadic Indian and Nomad Shubham. Annu was now doing her YouTube seriously and living a simple and free life in Bhutan. You may also like to read Itchy Boots wiki.


Annu Sia holds a bachelor degree from University of Thimphu where she studies travel and mechanism of principle. After completing her education, she got a chance to joined a Japanese company in Thimphu. She joined that company as a intern. She did her internship for two months in that company and got a job after two months in a private company of China in Nepal.

During her job period, she got many chnaces to visit across Asia and South east Asia. She left that job and joined a Malaysian travel company. She worked there for 2 years as a marketing manager. It was star-up of 8 people. She did that job and left that job after 2 years. Then she joined another travel company in Singapore. Now Annu Sia was fall in love with travelling. She was decided to travel and make it of her career in YouTube.

Finally, she saved some money while doing her job in Singapore and left that job after 1.5 years. She started traveling in Central Asia. During this time, she meets Nomad Shubham and Nomadic Indian. They told her about YouTube algorithm and help her to grow on YouTube. Annu make her YouTube channel and started posting videos on her YouTube channel. Now Annu has more than 200k+ subscribers on her YouTube channel and she was doing it professionally.


Name Annu Sia
D.O.B 03/11/1994
Age 28 Years
Ethnicity Brown
Nationality Bhutanese
Height 5.4 Inches
Weight 54 Kg
Body Measurements 36-29-38
Bra Size 36B
Waist Size 29 Inches
Hips Size 38 Inches
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Religion Buddhist

Annu Sia was born on 3rd of November in the year 1994 in Bhutan which means Annu Sia’s age was 28 years as of now in 2022. She belonged to a Buddhist family and they are middle-class. Her father’s name was Aine Wanghj and he is aa farmer. Annu’s mother’s name was Sophie Sia and she is a housewife. Besides this, Annu has two younger brother Johny & Zain and they are now in their schools. Annu Sia was live in Bhutan with her family in her village.

Annu Sia was a fitness lover and she always eat healthy foods. During her traveling, she doesn’t get healthy foods all time. But she always tries to eat only healthy and hygienic foods. Annu has a very nice shape of body measurements. Her body measurements are 36-29-38. Her breast size was 36 inches and her Bra Size was 36B. Annu Sia’s waist size was 29 inches and her Hips Size was 38 inches. Her height is about 5 feet 4 inches and her weight is about 54 Kg. Annu Sia has very nice Brown color hair and her eye color was dark brown. Annu’s Ethnicity was brown and she belongs to Buddhist family.


Annu Sia Biography, Wiki, Age, BF, Net Worth & More

Annu Sia was not single anymore. She had a boyfriend and he was from India. His name was Deepanshu Sangwan. Deepanshu was also a very famous YouTuber. He has more tthan 1 million+ subscribers on YouTube. They became in relationship for more than 5 years now. Annu Sia was fall in love with Deepanshu when he travel to Bhutan and they meet in a historic place. Then they meet many times and date each other. Finally in 2022, they reveal their relationship on social media.

Social Media

Annu Sia was know for her social media activities. She was found very easily on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and on YouTube. She has 200k+ subscribers on her YouTube channel where she uploads her regular travel videos. Her videos are very good and user friendly. Besides this, Annu has more than 70k+ followers on her Instagram account where she regularly posts her photos and videos and also post stories of her daily life and travel. Make sure you follow her on her Instagram for more updates from Annu Sia.

Net Worth

Annu Sia was belonged to a lower middle-class family. Her father was a farmer and her mother was a housewife. Annu Sia was recently start her income journey. Her main source of income was generated from her works on social media and from her videos on YouTube. She will be able to make $1200 – $3000 every month from her videos on YouTube. Besides this, she was also making money from her Instagram by posting paid post and videos of the brands. Her Net Worth is about $200k+ (This is a estimated number, not the exact number).

FAQ of Annu Sia

Who is Annu Sia?

Annu Sia is a YouTuber from Bhutan.

When Annu Sia was born?

Annu Sia was born on 3rd of November in the year 1994.

Where is the birth place of Annu Sia?

Annu Sia was born in Kencho, Bhutan.

How tall is Annu Sia?

Annu Si’s height is about 5.4 inches.

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